How can I resolve execution errors?

Errors may arise during robot execution that indicate a problem with your robot build or run configuration. This document lists some of the errors you may encounter, along with instructions or advice to help fix the problem.

No value found for input field

Visit the run configuration screen. Click the Inputs tab, and add input values to the run configuration.

No elements found in loop

Check element paths for steps within the loop.

No output available

The operation produced no output to extract. Check element paths associated with output fields.

Extraction element not found

The robot configuration expected something to be found at this point in the execution, but it’s missing. Review the Web page at which the error occurred to make sure all elements being checked at this point are present and located where they are expected to be. It may be necessary to revise the relevant element paths.

Failed to query using CSS selector

Check the syntax used in the robot's CSS selectors.

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